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The "Best Beaches In" team has selected some of the most beautiful & Best Beaches In the world, with photos, maps and a small travel guide where you can find your dreamed beach's main activities, how to get to it, an overview of the necessary budget and a link to reliable info on covid travel requirements for each destination. Restrictions are still in place in many countries but 2021 should see them easing gradually. It now makes sense, at last, to start planning a much needed and deserved voyage to some of the most idyllic places that nature has gifted us on this earth, where to refill mind & body with the inspiration for a fresh start.

Stunning white sand wild beach

World's Top 30

These are our 30 favorite beaches in the World, all relatively easy to access and allowing budget (or in a very few cases not scandalously ruinous) travel. Those of us with fat bank accounts or who saved their hard-earned money for that once-in-a-lifetime trip shall not worry though: all these beaches offer many ways to indulge, whether in spas, high cuisine restaurants, fancy resorts or in tailored, beyond the other side of the mirror adventures, into Wonderland.

drone view of a Bali beach with traditional boats

Bali / Indonesia

With one of the longest coastline in the world and an ideal location, across the Equator in the Coral Triangle, Indonesia and its star island Bali will obviously figure in anybody's list of the world's best beaches, with white, black, salt & pepper and even pink sand, extraordinary marine life and out of this world landscapes.

Surfboards Vintage

Hawaii, Origin of Surfing

Hawaii is one of the very first tropical destinations that focused its economy towards tourism, as far back as the late 19th Century. Well into the 21st Century, Hawaii is still the quintessential tropical island holiday destination in our collective imaginary, with majestic volcanoes, virgin rain forests, multi colored sand beaches and the magic appeal of the Pacific Ocean.