Alona Beach, Diving Boat. Bohol, Philippines.

Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

If you like beautiful beaches with all the amenities at your fingertips, Alona Beach will enchant you. It’s a lively place with a  number of good restaurants, bars, shops and diving centers, and the most popular beach in Bohol.

A flush view of the white sand of Alona with palm trees on its borders and boats moored on the shore.
Alona Beach, Diving Boat, Bohol, Philippines.

An ideal spot to relax and shake off your islands hopping tiredness, the beach offer many opportunities to mingle with locals, expats or fellow visitors and gather valuable info about the many activities in the area, while in the background the colorful bangkas rock silently to the tune of the Bohol Sea.

palm trees in Alona beach
Alona Beach, Palm Tree, Bohlo, Philippines.

Where is Alona Beach?

Alona is in the South coast of Panglao island, Southwest of Bohol. The islands are  linked by two bridges and are in the Central Visayas region, East of Cebu.
Panglao has a rough rectangular shape of 13 km/8 mi by 6 km/4 mi, while Bohol is much bigger, covering an area of 4.000 km²/1600 mi².

How to get to Alona Beach?

Panglao has a domestic airport, flights from Manila take 1.5 hour and cost around 30 usd. Many visitors arrive from Cebu by ferry, a 2 hours trip, as there are no direct flights between them.

How much is the ferry from Cebu to Bohol?

The standard ticket price for a one way ticket from Cebu to Tagbilaran City in Bohol is 800 Pesos (17 usd) in Tourist Class and 1,000 Pesos (21 usd) in Business Class.

Things to do in Alona Beach

Alona Beach island hopping tours.

Most Alona island hopping tours go to Balicasag, a white-sanded gem of an island about 600 m/1.800 ft across to the Southwest of Panglao. It’s very common to see pods of dolphins on the way as well as turtles around the island shores; the snorkeling is awsome, don’t pass on it. Other islands in south Panglao are Pamilacan, Gakang and Snake islands.

Alona Beach snorkeling

There is a designated snorkeling area on the left-hand side of Alona Beach, marked by white buoys; with all the boating activity going on near the beach, nobody with a sound mind will wander off-limits.

Lady diving in the waters of Alona beach
Alona Diving

Diving in Alona Beach

There are around 20 dive sites in the Alona beach proximity, all within a 60 mn banca ride. Hard & soft corals, good macros sites, wall dives, pygmy seahorses, giant frog fishes, turtles, black coral (Balicasag), spotted sting rays, sea snakes, cuttlefishes, bump head parrot fishes, manta rays & whale sharks might be sighted at Pamilacan and there’s even a ‘sardine run’ at Napaling, in North Panglao coast, September to December, which also can be enjoyed snorkeling.

We recommend the Piratas Alona Dive Center, as a no-nonsense, safe, & well-organized outfit. They really know the area inside out and their spacious banca Dolores make for great surface intervals. 

Alona Beach Nightlife

Alona is not exactly Ibiza or Miami however you can dance and/or drink the night away (until 3/4 am) in the many beach bars, or just enjoy some live music until more reasonable hours if you have an early start the next morning.

Where to Stay in Alona Beach?

Alona can seems a tad more expensive than other places in the Philippines, but many family-run guest houses do not advertise themselves online; if you’re on a budget, rent a motorbike and shop around, it’s fairly easy to get a double bed room for as low as 10-15 usd/night. Otherwise, check your favorite booking platform, the offer is pretty wide.

How many days do you need in Alona?

You actually might not want to leave! The good thing about Alona Beach is that it’s 2 hours away from Cebu, a major travel hub in central Philippines, meaning that you don’t need a lot of planning to travel to/from it. Start with a few days, and see how you like it.

Sunset view with sunlight shining through the leaves of a palm tree on Alona beach
Alona Beach Sunset

Is Bohol worth visiting?

Absolutely. It would be a shame to stay in Alona and miss Bohol, the big sister island. The most famous excursion is the Chocolate Hills, in the center of the islands, they consist off nearly 2.000 pyramidal hills that turn brown in the summer months. The drive to the view point is beautiful, and begs for a motorcycle ride; traffic is light, roads are in good conditions and local drivers don’t play kamikaze as in others places in the Philippines. Locals will be more than willing to give you directions should you get lost. Anda, in the East, boasts marvelous beaches (although not well suited for swimming as the water depth keeps low for many hundreds of meters) and some cave pools that somehow recall the cenotes of Yucatán. The Waterfalls near Dimiao are worth a trip, too, having fell under the radar big touristic tours.

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