Huge rocky structures characteristic of the Seychelles, on the sand and entering the turquoise ocean

Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Anse Lazio is often considered the Best Beach of Praslin Island and one of the very best in the whole Seychelles. It’s narrow, about 550 m/1,800 ft long and bordered by a thick vegetation that provides a much appreciated shade. With clean, crisp water that shines all the shades of blue you could possibly imagine, it looks nearly too good to be true! It’s a nice point for snorkeling along the boulders on either end when the swells have a day off, make sure you wear fins as the water gets deep very quickly. From the left-hand side of the beach, a 2 km/1.2 mi trail goes west to the gorgeous Anse Georgette beach. For those afraid of running out of superlatives, here are a few, free of charge: dazzling, gorgeous, ravishing, heavenly, bewitching, out of this world…

Anse Lazio Seychelles
Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin Island, Seychelles.

Where is located Anse Lazio Beach?

Anse Lazio Beach is in Praslin Island north coast. Praslin is The Seychelles’s second largest island, covering 39 km²/15 mi², it lies about 45 km/28 mi to the northeast of the capital island, Mahé.

View through the foliage of the white beach with turquoise waters of Anse Lazio, Seychelles, in the background a beautiful mountain wall.
Seychelles, Anse Lazio Beach

How to get to Anse Lazio Beach?

By car, the easiest option, parking is available. Some hotels/resorts have shuttle services to the beach, ask at the desk. By bus, get off at Anse Boudin and walk 1 km/0.5 mi to the beach.

Where to stay in Anse Lazio Beach?

Be prepared to spend at least 300 usd/night for the privilege of sleeping near one of the best beaches in the world. Budget travelers should look around Baie St Anne, about 8 km/5 mi to the south.

Coco de Mer, Palm tree native to the Seychelles, it has the largest and heaviest seed in the plant kingdom and can easily reach 30 kg
Coco de Mer, Palm tree native to the Seychelles, it has the largest and heaviest seed in the plant kingdom and can easily reach 30 kg.

Things to do in Anse Lazio Beach and Praslin Island

Vallée de Mai

This natural 19.5 ha reserve hold the vestiges of a natural palm tree forest in its original state, i.e. mostly unchanged since prehistoric times. Aside its outstanding green, red and brown natural beauty, it features 6 endemic species of palm trees, among them the coco-de-mer (Lodoicea Maldivica) which bears the biggest seed of the plant kingdom. Vallée de Mai is surrounded by the 300 ha Praslin National Park and is home to the endemic black parrot and bronze gecko, as well as many other species of birds, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians.
Entrance fee is 350 SCR/25 usd and include a map. You can book a guide at the entrance. Access by public bus, car, taxi or with an organized tour.

Curieuse Marine National Park

Curieuse Island is less than 1 km/3.200 ft off Praslin’s northeast coast, uninhabited except for park rangers, and as a former leper colony from 1829 to 1965 and since 1979 a National Park, largely unspoiled by human activities. The giant tortoises that once lived there were quickly wiped out by the original settlers and the government started to reintroduce them in the late 1970’s, bringing in specimen from the Aldabra Atoll and establishing a nursery. The other highlights are the mangrove forest – that you can explore on foot thanks to boardwalks – and snorkeling or scuba diving. Many companies organize boat tours to the island, just shop around Anse Volbert.

Giant land tortoise from the Seychelles walking on the grass.
The giant tortoises, Seychelles.

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