The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is a country made up of some 700 islands in the northern Caribbean, and where Cristopher Colombus set foot for the first time in the ‘New World’.  Most of its estimated 390.000 population reside  in New Providence, where sits the capital Nassau, and Grand Bahama, located just over 100 km/65 miles due East of Palm Beach, Florida. The country’s main economic sector is by far tourism: it represents 50% of the GDP and employs half of the work force. And its not surprising as the country is layered with massive coral reefs, high-end hotels and stunning white-sand beaches all along its 800 km/500 miles extension.

Best Beaches In The Bahamas

Where is The Bahamas Located?

The Bahamas northern part is located just over 100 km/ 65 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. It then follows a northwest southeast axis northeast of Cuba. Its closest point to the Florida peninsula is South Bimini, 80 km/ 50 miles from Miami Beach.

What country does The Bahamas belong to?

The Bahamas doesn’t belong to any country, it is an independent member of  the Commonwealth of Nations and as such the queen of England is its head of state, jus like Canada or Australia, for example. It has its own constitution and its political system, as well as its jurisprudence, are close to those of the UK. 

Bahamas Cruise
Bahams Cruise.

When did The Bahamas become independent?

The Bahamas became independent from the UK on July 10, 1973, after a vote in the British House of Lords that culminated a trend towards more and more autonomy gained by the island nation since the mid 1960’s.

Is The Bahamas part of USA?

NO, The Bahamas is not part of the USA. The Bahamas is an independent nation and generally resents any US attempts of dictating its policy although both governments collaborate closely on many issues like law enforcement and marine research. 

Close-up of a cute little pig swimming in the fresh waters and a beautiful and bright turquoise blue and in the background and smaller a speedboat
Bahams Swim with pig, Exumas.

Can you see The Bahamas from Florida?

You cannot see The Bahamas from any Florida’s many beaches,  but if you manage to make your way up Panorama Tower in south downtown Miami on a clear day (or night), you might have a chance!

How long is the ferry ride from Miami to The Bahamas?

The ferry ride from Miami to The Bahamas actually operates from Fort Lauderdale,  and is 2h long to Bimini and 4h30 long to Freeport.

Bahamas. Aerial view of a crescent-shaped beach, with a couple of boats in line and at the bottom a thick population of palm trees.

Is The Bahamas safe?

The Bahamas is not an unsafe country in general, but caution must be exercised in some urban areas. Most crimes occur in New Providence (especially in the  “Over the Hill” area in Nassau) and Grand Bahama (some areas of Freeport). Use common sense and avoid deserted areas especially after dark. Otherwise the Out islands are pretty safe.

What language is spoken in The Bahamas?

Three languages are spoken in The Bahamas. The official language is English but most people talk ‘Dialect’, an English-based creole language. About 25% of the population talks Creole, which is French-based, due to its Haitian origins.

Bahamas Currency

Bahamian dollar

Normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, sometimes B$. Not that it matters a lot: it has the same value as the US$ and both are used interchangeably in all islands.

bahamas 1 dollar banknote Obverse
Bahamas 1 Dollar banknote Obverse
bahamas 1 dollar banknote Reverse
Bahamas 1 Dollar banknote Reverse
Bahamas 20 Dollars Banknote, Obverse
Bahamas 20 Dollars Banknote, Obverse
Bahamas 20 Dollars Banknote, Reverse
Bahamas 50 Dollars Banknote Obverse
Bahamas 50 Dollars Banknote Obverse
Bahamas 50 Dollars Banknote Reverse
Bahamas 50 Dollars Banknote Reverse

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