Aerial close-up of the fine white sand of Cabbage Beach with a long row of umbrellas and deck chairs in front of the turquoise blue waters, Bahamas

Cabbage Beach, Bahamas

Where is Cabbage Beach located?

Cabbage Beach is located in Paradise Island, which served as a set for many Hollywood films, notably from the James Bond saga. Located right off Nassau in the Northeast of New Providence, Paradise Island, formerly known by the somewhat less celestial name of Hog Island, became a privately-owned touristic and residential development in 1959 when it was bought from 1930’s tycoon Axel Wenner-Gren by the heir of a retail conglomerate from New York. The property then changed hands many times, from Resorts International (of which former US president D. Trump was a majority shareholder at one point), Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune’s creator Merv Griffin to the late South African magnate Sol Kerzner. Buccaneering die hard in The Bahamas.

How do I get from Nassau harbor to Cabbage Beach?

To go from Nassau harbor to Cabbage Beach, you can take a ferry (US$4), a taxi (US$5) or go with a car (US$5 parking if you can find a space). If you own a yacht, have your captain drop you off at Cabbage Beach directly (don’t forget to pack your blue speedos), he should be able to find a slip at the Hurricane Hole Marina, on the other side of the island.

How far is Cabbage Beach from Nassau's cruise port?

From Nassau’s cruise port, Cabbage Beach is just a short cab or ferry ride away. Both are readily available right where you disembark from your ship.

Can you walk to Paradise Island from Nassau?

Yes you can walk to Paradise Island from Nassau. There are only 3km/1,8mi from the cruise port to the beach, so yes, it can be done. It’s usually kind of hot though…

Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island. Views from the sea of the imposing brick-colored Atlantis Hotel with its famous room that forms an arch bridge joining the two buildings that form this construction.
Atlantis Bahamas Hotel

Where was Casino Royale filmed in the Bahamas?

The ‘Madagascar’ scene was shot at a Royal Bahamas Defense Force base near Coral Harbour, in New Providence South coast, and North downtown Nassau, where the  abandoned Buena Vista Hotel on Delancy Street (now a John Watling’s Distillery) was used as the ‘Nambutu’ embassy. The Albany Golf and Beach Club is where arms dealer Dimitrios’s house scenes were shot and finally, on to Paradise Island with the Versailles Gardens and the One & Only Ocean Club as the set for the poker game and Bond’s villa.

How far is Cabbage Beach from Atlantis?

Cabbage Beach is a short 500m/1.500ft walk away from Atlantis.

Can I visit Atlantis without staying there?

Yes, you can visit Atlantis without being a guest, it will set you back US$135.

Which James Bond movies were filmed in the Bahamas?

The James Bond movies which were filmed in the Bahamas are:

Thunderball, 1965, starring Sean Connery & Claudine Auger.
The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977, starring roger Moore & Barbara Bach (underwater scenes only).
Never Say Never Again, 1983, starring Sean Connery & Kim Basinger.
Casino Royale, 2006, starring Daniel Craig & Eva Green.

Which one is better, Nassau or Paradise Island?

Well, we hope you can go to the Bahamas  and make your own opinion about whether Nassau or Paradise Island are better, but the later is by far preferred by most tourists, surely thanks to Cabbage Beach, one of the best white sand beaches in the world.

Is Cabbage Beach safe?

Absolutely. Cabbage Beach is safe: it is heavily patrolled by the local police and is usually busy until late at night. 

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