diamond beach

Diamond Beach, Bali

A secluded, amphitheater-like jewel of a beach that open out to the south Bali Sea, Diamond Beach weighs many carats! The steep limestone carved stairway that leads down to the white sand give a panoramic view over the pyramidal rocks that point up on either side of this stunning cove. The water seems to urge you to dip in, but you’ll want to be cautious and mind the currents and the waves. Next stop West Australia, 1.400 km/900 mi away! In the next bay to the left, you will find Pantai Atuh, as dramatic as Diamond Beach but wider and safer for swimming (at high tide) as it is protected by a small island just in front.

diamond beach nusa penida, bali
Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

Where is the Thousand Islands Viewpoint?

To the west of Diamond Beach, you’ll find the parking for the Thousand Islands viewpoint, that you’ll reach going down a steep path (again!). The name is exaggerated (your 2 hands are more than enough to count the islands you’ll see) but such views don’t call for dumb pickiness! There a wooden house called Rumah Pohon that you can rent; unsurprisingly there’s like a couple of years waiting list…

How to get to Diamond Beach?

From Toya Pakeh, take the coastal road for about 4 km/2.5 mi and once arrived at the Golden Hill Cottage, you can either follow the coast or make a right towards the south. Both roads have similar travel time, about 1 hour, and you’ll just have to follow the signs to Pantai Atuh.

Where to stay near Diamond Beach?

There are some bungalows and guests houses around, starting at around 20 usd. The area has restaurants, shops and a supermarket and will probably grow in the near future, check online regularly for new accommodations.

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