Doc Let Beach, Hon Khhoi, Vietnam.

Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi, Vietnam

Doc Let is one the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, just 50 km/30 mi north of Nha Trang.
A seemingly limitless extension of soft white sand and turquoise water, Doc Let is getting more and more attention by tourists, still it is much less developed than Nah Trang and highly enjoyable. Backed by sand dunes and shade-giving trees and safe for swimming, Doc Let still holds the magic uniqueness of the Hon Khoi Peninsula. a

Doc Let Beach, Hon Khhoi, Vietnam.
Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi, Vietnam.
Row of palm trees with dry leaf umbrellas at their feet, on the white sand and blue sea of Doc Let beach, Vietnam.
Doc Let Beach, Vietnam

Where is Doc Let Beach located?

Doc Let is in the southern Khanh Hoa Province, 50 km north of Nha Trang Beach, and 340 km/212 mi northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

How to get to Doc Let Beach from Nha Trang?

How to get to Doc Let Beach from Nha Trang.

By Taxi.

Expect to pay around around 30 usd one way, negotiate the fare before boarding the taxi.

By Bus.

Bus №3 goes to Doc Let every hour. The ticket price is 24,000 dong ($ 1) and the journey takes an hour and a half. The first bus leaves at 5:30 am and the last 6:00 pm.

DOC LET, Golden sand beach and crystal clear waters with small local taxes, and lush vegetation on the edge of the sand.
Doc Let Beach

Things to do in Doc Let?

The Salt Fields, Hon Khoi.

The Hon Khoi salt fields exploit the sea salt coming inland from the west side of the peninsula. They span around 400 ha and harvest an estimated 740.000 metric tons of salt per year. Male workers heap the salt in the evaporating fields while female workers bring it to the processing plant in twin woven baskets that hang from a pole on their shoulders. They work from 4am until 8am and then 3:30pm until 6pm to avoid the worse bite of the sun. The harvest season goes from January until July. Photographers will adore the place, they need just remember to ask permission to the workers before shooting, out of basic courtesy.

Hon Gom Sandbar.

Hon Gom Sandbar is in a rocky peninsula that plunge southwards into the South China Sea and leads to the easternmost point of Vietnam. The eastern side of the peninsula is a huge 16 km/10 mi windy empty beach but the west side is calm and has lots of small fishing villages, coves and shrimp farms. The sandbar occupies the central part of the peninsula and the road follow the west coast until a huge rocky headland make it swap to the opposite side, and then back again until Dam Mon village. A bit further south start the trek to Mui Doi that get busy at holiday time. The road stops at Son Dung village, which has lovely bay full of fishing boats, a few local restaurants and a pagoda on a small rocky hill with good views over Whale Island to the right and Hon Lon straight ahead. It’s probably worth staying a few days around and really explore the peninsula- there are a few guest houses – but even for a day, it’s an epic trip.

hon khoi salt fields vietnam
Hon Khoi, The Salt Fields, Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Hon Khoi, The Salt Fields, Vietnam.

Where to stay in Doc Let Beach?

There are much less accommodation in Doc Let than in nearby Nah Tran, so it’s probably better to book before going there. Prices start at around 25/30 usd/night.

Small group of people in the background, on a golden sandbar, surrounded by turquoise sea and in the distant mountains.
Hon Gom Sandbar, Doc Let, Vietnam

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