Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Of all the beaches that Aruba is so famous for, there is one beach that makes Aruba even more unique. It’s called Flamingo Beach, a private beach on Renaissance Island where a handful of pink flamingos roam the white sands and turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the only place in Aruba where you can be so up close and personal with those long legged birds!

Where is Aruba?

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea 27 km/17 mi north of Venezuela and one of the 4 countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its 120.000 people are Dutch citizens and its main economic resource is tourism. In the 1980’s, Aruba’s independence was under way and planned to take effect in 1996, however the process stalled and was indefinitely postponed in 1990, subject to a future, unplanned yet, referendum.

Where is Flamingo Beach?

Flamingo beach is located on privately owned Renaissance Island, 300 m/1.000 ft off Aruba west coast in front of the international airport. The islet features a resort, Renaissance Hotel, operated by Marriott, which provide a boat service to and from Aruba every 15 mn for their guests and day pass holders

How to Visit Flamingo Beach, Aruba?

To visit Flamingo Beach from Aruba, there are 2 options Beach: be a guest at the Renaissance Hotel, for US$ 250 a night or try to get a day pass at the desk for $ 125 that includes boat transfer, lunch and one drink, on a limited basis. Those passes are regularly sold out or directly unavailable so being a guest seem the only realistic way to pet the pink leggy bird. Note that you will have to book a minimum of 2 nights.

Is Flamingo Beach Aruba worth it?

Yes, it is worth visiting Flamingo Beach in Aruba. First, because it enjoys, as the rest of the island, a dryer climate than the rest of the Caribbean. Second, because the beach, drinks, meals and service are top-notch and the surroundings heavenly. The birds – we are told – are a bit snob, but who wouldn’t, living 24/7 in paradise? 

Pink Flamingos in Aruba
Pink Flamingos in Aruba, Renaissance Island.

Which beach in Aruba has flamingos?

It’s commonly stated that Flamingo Beach is the only beach in Aruba which has flamingos, but that’s not entirely true… You can actually frolic with those birds in De Palm Island, just south of Renaissance Island, where an all inclusive day pass costs US$ 110. Their flamingos are not pink but grey, though, so Flamingo Beach is – up until now – the only Aruba beach which has pink flamingos.

Is Aruba expensive?

YES, like most of the Caribbean, Aruba is on average expensive for visitors. Budget accommodation is scarce and start at around 35 US$/night. Food & Alcohol are quite expensive, too, as everything has to be imported. 

a pink flamingo on a Aruba beach
Aruba, Flamingo Beach.

Is Aruba a Tax Free island?

No, Aruba is not a tax free island.. But the VAT is low, at 1.5% on basic products. Although Aruba is not on the E.U. tax havens black list anymore, it is still considered one by many, mainly due to the opacity of its tax and banking system.

Can you use US dollars in Aruba?

Yes, you can use US dollars in Aruba. It is widely accepted in shops, restaurants and hotels without extra charges.

Flamingo Beach
Renaissance Island, Flamingo Beach, Aruba.

Is Aruba dangerous?

No, Aruba is not dangerous, by any means. It is one the safest island in the Caribbean. Theft can happen, as in any touristic destination but violent crime is rare.

Aruba Currency.

The currency in Aruba is called the Aruban Florin. Symbol: Awg, Afl, ƒ.
It is subdivided into 100 cents. The florin was introduced in 1986, replacing the Netherlands Antillean guilder.

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