Luxury bungalows in Gulhi, on white sand washed by its turquoise waters

Gulhi Bikini Beach. Maldives.

Gulhi island, 20km/12.5miles south of Malé, is known for its beauty and its cozy atmosphere. Measuring only 560m/1800ft by 255m/835ft and with a population of around 900, this is a gem of an island with a nice harbour on the north side accessed through a clear blue lagoon and the best beach of the area.

gulhi sunset
Gulhi Island, sunset, Maldives.

Can I wear a bikini on the beach?

Yes. You can wear a bikini or swimwear on the beach. Gulhi Bikini beach is the best and the most beautiful in the Maldives.
The sands are incredibly stunning where you can lounge all day under a parasol shade, go swimming and house reef snorkeling, and have a food or drink at the beach restaurant! It is a quiet beach with almost no waves, with plenty of space to enjoy the water or tan in the sunbeds.

What's the best place to stay close to Gulhi Beach?

Gurus Maldives, Sandy heaven, and Gulhi Inn are some of the  hotels for travelers looking to stay near Gulhi Beach. You can also search for accommodation at Airbnb Maldives.

Gulhi Beach.
Gulhi Beach.

How do I get to Gulhi from the airport?

To travel to Gulhi you can either use public ferryboat services or hire a private speedboat.

Public Ferry

To arrive by public ferry from Velana airport we must first take a ferry to Malé island, the price of the trip is $ 1 or 11 rufiyaa, from here we must go to the Vilingili ferry terminal, we can get here by walking about 20 minutes or take a taxi for about 60 rufiyaa ($ 4), from there we can take a ferry route for 22 ($ 1.50) rufiyaa each way.

Route 309: Malé – Gulhi: 3pm – 4:10 pm (except Monday and Friday)
Route 309: Gulhi – Male: 7:50 am – 9am (except Monday and Friday)

Scheduled speedboat

Price is 25 USD – 30 USD per person one way. It has to be paid to the boat captain.

Male-Gulhi: 8:30 am, 11:30 am (on Friday 10:30 am), 14:00 (on Friday 14:30), 16:30
Gulhi-Male: 8:00, 11:00 am, 14:00, 16:00

Private speedboat

Price Charged for the whole boat, $ 170 one-way.

Where is located Gulhi Beach?

Gulhi Island is one of the inhabited islands in the South Malé Atoll located 21 kilometers south of Velana International Airport. It is also connected by the public ferry, which is a very good option to enjoy a few days of relaxation.

Can the hotels book public ferryboat ticket for me?

No. The tickets for public ferryboat are only available on the day of travel. The customers have to buy ferryboat ticket either at the ferryboat terminal or in the ferryboat itself.

Public ferry arriving at one of its destinations between islands
Ferry to Gulhi Island. Maldives.

What currency should I bring?

Hotels and big shops usually accept US Dollars, British Pounds &  Euros but small businesses only accept usd or Maldivian Rufiyaa.

There is no ATM on the island, so bring enough cash.

Can I exchange money on the island?

Hotels and guest houses usually exchange usd to Rufiyaa. US Dollars are widely accepted anyway.

Gulhi Beach II
Gulhi Beach. Maldives.

Things to do in Gulhi.


Gulhi is surrounded by beautiful reefs rich in fish and multi-colored coral.

Dolphin cruise.

Spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) are the most numerous of their species in the Maldives. They hunt at night in the open ocean and retreat to shallow lagoons in the morning to rest and socialize before sailing out again in the late afternoon to find their preys. Their name come from the way they like to jump acrobatically out of the water spinning in the air up to 5 times before splashing back into the ocean. It is not unusual for them to ‘bow ride’, i.e. play with the wave created by the forward movement of a passing boat. In short, they are a bit of a show off, for our greatest pleasure. You can book this tour at the local hotels or dive centers.


There’s a break right on the house reef, Twin Peaks, a right-left breaker at the eastern tip, a quick right called Quarters off Bushi Island in the south channel and easy access to many others south Malé locations by boat. Bring your gear and pack some booties.  

Scuba diving.

A wreck, a manta point, a shark point, pinnacles swarming with marine life, drop-offs, drift dives such as the Embudhoo Express with hammerheads, manta and eagle rays, coral-walled caves, yes you’re in the Maldives alright!

Picnic Island.

Get dropped off at a small sandbar in the middle of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, plant your umbrella, get out your fishing or snorkeling gear and play Cast Away (bring your own volley ball) until the agreed pick-up time. Make it safe and pay at the end (just kidding). 

three dolphins swimming
Dolphin Cruise Gulhi Island, Maldives.

Is snorkelling accessible from the beach?

There’s a house reef 200m/650ft right off bikini beach that you can easily swim to, or rent a canoe and paddle out further until a small island where reef sharks (shy and small) swim lazily along the reef. You can as well book a boat tour to the numerous outer reefs that surround the island.

Are there restaurants or cafe’s in the island?

Salt Harbour & Dhilakani Cafe among others. Tasty food but slow service for western standards. Get used to it and relax!

Can I buy alcohol in Gulhi?

No. You cannot buy or consume alcohol in the inhabited islands in Maldives. You’ll have to make a trip to one of the nearby resorts: Anantara Veli, Adaaran Vadhoo, Embudu Village, Holiday Inn Kandooma or stay dry.


What is the weather like in Gulhi?

Gulhi Island, Maldives, is in the tropics, with average daily temperatures of 30°C (86º F) throughout the year.

Gulhi Beach Sunset.
Gulhi Beach Sunset.

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