The shore of Vadhoo beach in the Maldives is full of tiny lights of an intense electric blue, a consequence of the effect of bioluminescence

Vaadhoo Island “‘Sea of Stars” Maldives’s Bioluminescent Paradise

Why does the beach glow on Vaadhoo Island?

This glow in the dark is due to a type of phytoplankton called dinoflagellate, basically an alga, that under mechanical disturbance produces light by way of a chemical reaction. This phenomenon is called ‘bioluminescence’, and produces ‘cold light’ (only 20% of it produces heat), in the blue-green part of the visible light spectrum and thus perfectly visible at night. A simple wave is enough to stimulate this chemical reaction, which emit a brief (0.1 seconds) flash of sparkling blue light that washes up onshore as the photo below shows. It might as well serve as a defense mechanism, as the emitted light could attract bigger, carnivorous predators. The dinoflagellates thrive in warm water, but a huge concentration, a bloom, is necessary to result in a ‘Sea of Stars’ event and science cannot yet predict them. Well worth a wait, don’t you think?
Vaadhoo island, Bioluminescet Paradise, Maldives.
Vaadhoo Island, "Sea of Stars", Raa Atoll, MAldives.

Can you swim in the sea of stars?

Yes, you can swim in the “Sea of Stars”, the bioluminescent effect is not harmful and you can swim in these waters without any problem.

Where is Vaadhoo island located?

The island of Vaadhoo is located in the Raa Atoll, in the Maldives, about 140 km north of its capital Malé.

How do you get to Vaadhoo Island?

By plane.

The closest national airports are,
Ifuru Airport, located in the same Raa Atoll, and
Funadhoo Airport, inaugurated in February 2020, located on the island of the same name.

The closest international airport is
Maafaru International Airport, located on the island of the same name.

By Ferry.

The closest ferry port is the
Hulhudhuffaaru Port. Ferry Servis

By Speedboat

from any of the points mentioned above. Speedboat Servis.

Raa Atoll, Maldives.

Is the sea of stars real?

Yes, this magical phenomenon is well documented and studied and occurs quite regularly not only in Vaadhoo but potentially anywhere in Maldives as well as many world locations such as Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia and many more

What time of year does bioluminescence occur?

In the Maldives, taking into account that the water temperature in the Raa Atoll, varies between 28 ° C and 30 ° C, the sea of stars can occur any time of year. June to October is often cited as the best period, but as we said above, this event is totally unpredictable and not specific to Vaadhoo island: it can occur anywhere in the Maldives. Be patient and get your camera ready!
Vaadhoo Island, "Sea Of Stars' by Day.
Vaadhoo Island, "Sea Of Stars" by Day. Raa Atoll, Maldives.

Where to Stay in Vaadhoo Island?

On Vaadhoo Island itself (be careful because there are 2 Vaadhoo Islands, which we are talking about is in Raa Atoll) is
Husnoo Villa, Alirasgefaanu Magu, Vaadhoo, Maldives.
Tel +9609920101
Location, VX4R + HC Vaadhoo, Maldives

If you want to enjoy the Bioluminescent “Sea of Stars”, we recommend you spend a night on the island itself, since this magical effect happens at night.

To search for more accommodations you can look at Airbnb Raa Atoll.

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Maldives Map.

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