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04 July 2021

A circular letter was issued Friday 2nd of July by the Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force regulating domestic travel in the country. Coercive measures are taken, especially between the islands of Bali and Java.

The circular states that all ‘long distance travel’ will require to show proof of at least 1 shot of the covid vaccine. Furthermore, a negative antigen covid test taken 48 hours maximum before departure must be presented, except for air travel, which requires a PCR test. Air Asia Indonesia announced that it will suspend all routes for all of July, starting Tuesday 06.

Local authorities are also granted the right to restrict movements within their juridiction. Until July 20, non-essential workplaces will be closed as well as malls, dining in restaurants banned, and shorter business opening hours enforced.

These restrictions come after a surge of new cases in Indonesia, mainly attributed to the Delta variant of the disease, the same that came loose in India the last months. With under 8% of the 2021 target of 182 million persons vaccinated in Indonesia, according to the Jakarta Post, out of a total 270 million population, authorities seek to break the current contagion wave that many blame on the mudik. This is when many Indonesians travel back to their village during the holidays that follow the end of Ramadan celebrations.

This regulation is a big disappointment in Bali, where many hoped for a much waited and talked about reopening in July. The only way up until now for travelers to enter Indonesia was to obtain a visitor visa from their country of residence and quarantine for 5 days on arrival in Jakarta. Officials said that further regulations about international arrivals in the country would be issued in the next days, probably to the effect that only fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be allowed to enter Indonesian territory.

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