Close-up of a cute little pig swimming in the fresh waters and a beautiful and bright turquoise blue and in the background and smaller a speedboat

Pig Beach, Bahamas

The now very famous Pig Beach is on the west side of Big Major Cay, a small island in the middle of the Exuma archipelago that is uninhabited except for a drift of about 20 pigs living the dream in one of the most beautiful place on earth. 

Pig in the Ocean, Bahamas, Pig Beach.
Smiling Pig in the Ocean, Bahamas, Pig Beach.

Pig Beach Folklore.

There are various stories about how the pigs ended up living in this cay:
The most outrageous says that the pigs were abandoned on Big Major Cay by a group of pirates who planned to go back and barbecue them later. They never returned – the story doesn’t tell why –  and the pigs somehow survived.

Others tell that the pigs survived a shipwreck and swam ashore, or that they escaped from a nearby cay. One even assure that the whole story is just a PR stunt to attract tourists to this part of  The Bahamas.

More probably, yes, the hogs were brought to Big Major Cay on purpose, by some farmers from nearby Staniel Cay , so the stench wouldn’t bother the rest of the community. The farmers had then to go to feed the animals by boat, and the pigs started to swim out to meet them, eager for they daily ranch.

Upgrading from future bacon to touristic attraction haven’t change this habit, and they will swim to your boat when you get there – unless too hot – big Momma at the forefront, the oldest of them all, maybe the only one that could tell their true story, if pigs could talk instead of barely swim!

Group of Wild Pig entering the Ocean, Pig Beach. Bahamas

Where is Pig Beach located?

Pig Beach is located in Big Major Cay, one of the 365 islands of Exuma, an archipelago of 365 islands in central Bahamas. The island is about 125km/80 miles southeast of Nassau. 

How much does it cost to go to Pig Beach and swim with the pigs in The Bahamas?

Many all day boat tours from Nassau include Pig beach in their itinerary, expect to pay around US$ 400 per person. I f you want to avoid the long and bumpy fast boat ride to Exuma, you have the option to fly to Staniel Cay and start the cruise there; average price: US$ 500 per person.

Can you stay on Pig Island in The Bahamas?

NO, you cannot stay on Pig Island in The Bahamas, since the island is totally uninhabited and without any constructions.

Tow Wild Pig Swiming in the Ocean closed Pig Beach, Bahamas.
Tow Wild Pig Swiming in the Ocean closed Pig Beach, Bahamas.

How do you get to Pig Island Bahamas?

To get to Pig Island in the Bahamas, you can take a domestic flight to Staniel Cay, the nearest inhabited island, from Nassau. The fare  is around 250 US$ return and 30 mn long.. Two airlines assure the service, Flamingo Air and Titan Air. They offer direct flights from Florida as well. Otherwise charter a private boat or plane if budget is not a worry.

Two Wild Pig sunbathe on Pig Beach, Big Major Bahamas
Two Wild Pig sunbathe on Pig Beach, Big Major Bahamas.

Where do I stay if I want to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas?

Staniel Cay is the closest island where accommodation is available but the offer is limited and prices are high, especially for solo travelers and couples, expect to pay  from US$200/night. 

Are the Pigs in the Bahamas dangerous?

These are feral pigs, so caution is advised. Your tour guide will explain how to interact with them so that no harm is done on either side. No issues other than too many instagramable photos and loud cooing have been reported so far.  

Pig in Pig Beach, Bahamas.

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