aereal view of Pink Beach Great Santa Cruz with little boats around it

Great Santa Cruz, Pink Beach, Philippines

Great St Cruz, Pink Beach, Philippines
Great St Cruz, Pink Beach, Zamboanga, Philippines.

How to get to Great Santa Cruz, Philippines?

By boat from the city of Zamboanga, Southwest Mindanao. The 3.5 km/2.2 mi crossing takes about 20 mn.

Great St Cruz, Pink Beach.
Philippines, Pink Beach, Great St Cruz.

How much is the Ticket to Great St. Cruz Pink Beach?

Boats leave from Zamboanga’s Paseo del Mar, they seat 10 persons and the trip costs 1.000 PHP (20 $) per boat. There is a terminal (5 PHP) and environmental (20 PHP) fee, so the whole trip will set you back 125 PHP  (2.6 $) in case of a full boat.

Things to Know Beafore get to Great St. Cruz, Pink Beach.

The island is opened to visitors from 7 am to 2 pm. It is forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol, litter, take away marine life or climb the trees. There are fines up to 5.000 PHP (104 $) if you don’t respect those rules.
You can snorkel in the island (bring your own gear) and rent a ‘cottage’, a roofed grill station with tables and chairs under the tree shade, for about 200 PHP (4 $). Bring your own food, buy fresh catches from the local fishermen (they’ll cook it for you as well on request) or arrange some lunch from Zamboanga; many organized tours provide it, usually splendid both in quantity and quality. The mangroves can be visited by boat as well, a good way to discover a traditionally overexploited & overlooked ecosystem whose importance is at last starting to be recognized and protected in many places around the world.
The pinkish color of Great Santa Cruz beach is due to the crushed red organ pipe corals produced by countless millennia of wave erosion.

Taxi Boat to Pink Beach, Great St Cruz, Philippines.

How to get to the city of Zamboanga?

By plane.

The city of Zamboanga has flights from Manila, Davao, Cebu and Iloilo with Cebu Pacific Airlines.

By Ferry.

Zamboanga City also has ferries from Manila, Cebu and Davao available twice a week.
There is also a ferry from Sandakan, Malaysia, to Zamboanga City and Zamboanga to Sandakan.

How do you get from Manila to Santa Cruz Island through the city of Zamboanga?

From Manila, take a plane to the city of Zamboanga. From Zamboanga airport, take a taxi to the Paseo del Mar pier, which leaves for Great Santa Cruz, Pink Beach.

Great St Cruz, Pink Beach, Philippines.

How do I get from Cebu to Zamboanga?

There are direct flights from Cebu with an approximate price of  1600 PHP (33 $) and with a duration of 2h 40m.
There is also a direct Ferry from Cebu to the city of Zamboanga that covers the journey every Sunday.

Is it worth going to Great Santa Cruz, Philippines?

Totally, and it’s an opportunity to visit beautiful Mindanao as well. The cheap & regular domestic flights make for a convenient & easy trip.  

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