Port Olry, Vanuatu.

Port Olry is on the northeast coast of Vanuatu main island, Espiritu Santo. Its beach is a 850 m/2.700 ft crescent of white sand that face the amazing Dolphin Island in the warm waters of the southern Pacific Ocean. With a local population of 1.300 and considering that the whole of Vanuatu received 256.000 tourists in 2019, you shouldn’t fear the crowds but just enjoy the wonders of the marine life, the kindness of the people and the excellent fresh seafood.

Which country is Vanuatu?

The Republic of Vanuatu is an island country originally populated by Melanesian people. The Spanish were the first to reach its shores in 1606 and settled briefly in Espiritu Santo, the main island. French and British settlers arrived during the course of the next century and land disputes between them and the vi-Vanuatus prompted the two nations to administrate jointly the territory from 1906. The two colonial powers agreed to establish a Representative Assembly in 1974 and Vanuatu declared its independence in 1980.

Where is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is between Australia and Fiji.
Vanuatu is a double chain of 13 main islands and many smaller ones in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The islands are of volcanic and coral origin. They are located about 800 kilometers west of Fiji and almost 1800 kilometers east of Australia.

Do they speak French in Vanuatu?

Yes, part of the population speak French in Vanuatu, as the country was at one point administrated by both France and England. The official languages of Vanuatu are Bislama, English and French. Bislama is structurally Melanesian with a vocabulary that mainly come from the English language. It is used by the majority of the population.

What is the best currency to use in Vanuatu?

The best currency to use in Vanuatu is the local currency, named Vatu.
While some places might accept usd, aud or euros, they are a minority and cash is king, especially outside of the cities of  Port Vila in Efate Island and Luganville in Espiritu Santo.

Vanuatu Resort.
Vanuatu Resort.

How much money will you need for your trip to Vanuatu?

To calculate how much money you will need for your trip in Vanuatu, consider that budget accommodations start at around 30 usd/night. Considering the cost of inter island travel, 100 US$ per day is a bare minimum if you want to visit the country and move from island to island.

Vanuatu, Beach view.
Vanuatu, Beach View.

Is it safe to swim in Vanuatu?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to swim in Vanuatu, as the coral reefs are very healthy and shelter most beaches from swells and currents. 

Are there sharks in Vanuatu?

Yes, there are sharks in Vanuatu but they are not a common sight nor a concern. Only 8 fatal shark attacks have ever been reported in Vanuatu since 1848, according to the Shark Research Institute, as reported by the website sharkattackdata.com. You probably have more chance to win the lottery than being eaten by one of those fantastic creatures in Vanuatu.

beautiful wild beach
Beautiful Beach in Vanuatu.

Are there crocodiles in Vanuatu?

There are no land crocodiles in Vanuatu and the presence of sea crocodiles is presently unknown, although there were reports of a sighting in Vanua Lava in 2015. That species hasn’t been breeding in the island for at least 25 years, according to research papers. If some frames off of the  Black Water movie still haunt you, get some therapy. We’re no doctors, but a trip to Vanuatu should do the trick.

Can you drink tap water in Vanuatu?

Yes you can drink tap water in Vanuatu,  but if you are worried, bottled water is readily available. Double check with the locals if in doubt.

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