Palm trees casting their long shadow on the white sand of Rasdhoo Beach, Maldives, with its sapphire waters in the background

Rasdhoo Island, Maldives.

Rasdhoo is the capital of northern Ari Atoll and the only inhabited island of a small circular atoll – Rasdhoo Atoll – that surrounds a magnificent lagoon. About 600 m/2000 ft long by 420 m/1,400 ft large and a population just under 1.000, which means it’s already totally buid up, it is the door to the less frequented northwestern atolls. It has an ATM, a bank, hospital, police station, post office, over 50 guest houses and hotels, cafes, and … 8 dive centers. 

Rasdhoo Bikini Beach, maldives
Aerial view of Rasdhoo Island, Maldives.
two public Dhoni boats, docked at a small pier in the Maldives
Two public Dhoni boats, docked at a small pier in the Maldives

Where is Rasdhoo Island?

Rasdhoo is about 60 km/35 miles west of the capital Malé, in the northern part of the Maldives Republic.

How to get to Rasdhoo Island?

By ferry

From the Malé Villingili terminal, twice weekly, travel time around 3 hours, 4 usd per person.  

By scheduled speed boat

every day except Friday, travel time around 1h 20 mn,   40 usd per person. Ask your hotel or guest house to pre-book. 

By seaplane

daily, travel time 15 mn, 260 usd per person.

DHONI maldives
Private Dhoni Boat Tour, Maldives

Is there a bikini beach in Rasdhoo Island?

Yes. On the south side of the island. Great snorkeling at the house reef, preferably at high tide and lovely sunsets.

Dhigurah whale shark
Whale Shark Maldives

What can I do in Rasdhoo Island?

Scuba Diving 

First thing first, no whale sharks in Rasdhoo. This doesn’t mean you’ ll never see one, but you shouldn’t expect it. Now for what you can expect to see: hammerheads, mantas, turtles, rays, napoleon wrasses, barracudas, trevallies, to name but a few.. With around 20 dive sites in the atoll, a wreck in the lagoon, night dives available, you will not get bored,  just more so that many of them deserve several visits, like Madivaru Corner. Current can be strong, so follow your guide’s instructions.


Right off bikini beach, swim to the outer reef where you’ll most probably see black tip sharks (harmless), eagle rays, turtles, lion fishes and all the usual colofull reef suspects. There are actually too many good snorkeling spots to mention them all around the atoll, like Coralville, ask around and hop on a boat, you’ll want to grow some fins pretty soon!


Day fishing, night fishing, early morning fishing, trolley fishing, jigging, big game fishing… and probably more! 

Tours & Cruises

Huge array of excursions, snorkeling, dolphin spotting (mainly spinners and bottle-nosed), sunset cruise, Madivaru, picnic island, trips to neighboring Ukulhas or Thoddhoo. You can always arrange some more tailored boat tour talking with the people that work at your guest house or favorite cafe.

Stunning Colorful Sunset over the floating rooms in the Ocean, Maldives
Stunning Colorful Sunset over the floating rooms in the Ocean, Maldives

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